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... was one of ten winners, out of 194 entries on Fresh On The Net, BBC Radio 6 DJ Tom Robinson's music blog. (Batch 363, May 4th)

"In John’s own words the track was written after an anxiety dream (nightmare!) which seemed to merge post-Brexit Britain and climate change. He takes us spiralling through a smog laden, heavy breathing, high end state of unease, telling tales of never-ending dire consequences of the way we’re living today, that’s how it made me feel anyway. Maybe not written with ‘lockdown’ in mind, but in this current situation we find ourselves in, it serves to heighten feelings of fretfulness. Vividly delivered, superbly recorded, the backing music is a complete accompaniment to carry these thought-provoking words."
Marina Florance.

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no other gods


New debut album of spoken word poems by John to electronic music by Martin Dewar.

Fourteen tracks in all - a heady mix of poetry and fantastic music, brilliant mixing by Martin and sparkling top-of-the-range mastering by Doug Shearer in London.
Poems' subject matter range from climate change to personal relationships, unfit dads to bank holiday Mondays.
Music: Electronic, IDM, Conscious Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, Chill-out, Alt-Rock, Soundtrack, New Wave and Dub.


Available on Spotify, iTunes and thirty other online distributors.

CDs can be purchased from the record label, Strawlitter. Please contact -

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