“Outstanding… a real intellectual commitment.” Barbara Trapido, author.

“A wicked satirical edge. Blisteringly funny and meaningful, his work will make you crack up in your seats while simultaneously filling you with a mortal terror with the prospect of a bleak and alienating future. The Kabaret at Kittchen, Hawkshead.

“Scott's writing takes an angled yet committed view on environmental issues, political ineptness, the growing power of the right-wing, personal relationships, a healthy obsession with the banal and a helping of the pure daft as well.” Lancaster Spotlight.

“Sharp observations on post-modern life” Ian Chapman, author.

“…work from a mind that is politically engaged, with imagination and a sense of humour. Sharp social observation.” Steve Freeman, author.

“F***king brilliant! Reminds me of Ivor Cutler” Laura Taylor, poet/compere, Something Else Tent, Bearded Theory Festival.

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – you’re a genius!” Nice bloke, Swamp Circus Tent, Bearded Theory.